More access to the 95 Express Lanes Extension is a go!

The Express Version

  • New entries and exits serving I-95 near Quantico and Courthouse Road are now open.
  • And, drivers on the northbound I-95 local lanes near Fredericksburg now have a dedicated entry ramp to the Lanes.
  • The entry and exit ramps to the Extension that opened in August will continue to offer access to a connected corridor for nearly 50 miles from near Fredericksburg to Washington D.C.

Even more ways to go between the Potomac and the Rappahannock in a flash

More access, more convenience, more time back for you. Now the I-95 corridor to Fredericksburg is even smarter and faster thanks to new ways to get on and off the Express Lanes in Stafford County.

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All access has launched

Now you can jump on the futuristically fast Express Lanes to head north from the local lanes near Fredericksburg and Courthouse Road. A new northbound exit to I-95 near Quantico serves employees, visitors and guests to the Base. 

Going south, a new entry ramp from I-95 near Quantico offers a new option for a faster, reliable trip from Stafford County. Once on the Lanes, you can now exit to Courthouse Road, too.

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Using the 95 Express Lanes Extension

Using the extension

The Extension spans from where the 95 Express Lanes currently end, just past Route 610 in Stafford County, and runs to near Route 17.

Customers can choose to ride the full Extension to the very end, back to the I-95 local or through lanes near Route 17. In the morning heading north, riders can hop on the Lanes from the I-95 through or local lanes near Route 17.

New access to I-95 Near Marine Corps Base Quantico, direct access to Courthouse Road/Route 630, and an entry to the Lanes from the I-95 north local lanes near Fredericksburg opened on December 8.

For northbound customers, a new pricing zone runs from the start of the Lanes to I-95 near Quantico. Overhead pricing signs will show prices to destinations north of Quantico.


Getting on & off the Lanes

Now you can get on and off the Lanes from I-95 near Marine Corps Base Quantico and from Courthouse Road.

And, travelers can hop on the Extension to head north using a new flyover ramp on the right side of the local lanes near Fredericksburg. The through lane entry ramp also remains open.

Southbound on the Lanes, you can exit back to the I-95 through lanes or local lanes near Route 17.


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End of the Lanes access

Travel for free

Using the extension

You have many options to enjoy the benefits of the Express Lanes for free. It’s as easy as hopping on a bus, jumping in a vanpool or flipping the switch on your E-ZPass Flex to HOV ON.

Faster and more reliable, for free.

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