Important info for drivers who travel I-66 east to the 495 Express Lanes

December 1, 2022

The express version

  • From I-66 eastbound, follow signs that say "TOLL, EXPRESS LANES ENTRANCE" to get to the 495 Express Lanes
  • The new entry ramp is on the right side of I-66, about one mile after Nutley St.
  • Drivers must get on the 66 express lanes for a short trip to get to the 495 Express Lanes' entrance

The opening of the 66 express lanes in November 2022 introduced changes for customers who travel the 495 Express Lanes from eastbound I-66.

A new way to get on the 495 Express Lanes 

Drivers who want to enter the Lanes now need to first take a new, earlier exit ramp on the right side of I-66, about one mile after the Nutley Street exit. Follow the signs on I-66 that say “TOLL, TO 495 EXPRESS LANES, USE 66 EXPRESS LANES, NEXT EXIT” and then “TOLL, EXPRESS LANES ENTRANCE.”  

First regulatory sign







Second regulatory sign







The new ramp will take drivers on to the 66 express lanes for a short period before reaching the prior exit on the left side that leads to both the northbound and southbound 495 Express Lanes. 

A new toll charge 

A different operator manages the 66 express lanes and the new ramp used to get to the 495 Express Lanes. They charge a toll to travel this part of their lanes, which a driver pays in addition to the toll for our 495 Express Lanes, so two charges will show on an E-ZPass statement. 

The 66 toll rate is also dynamic and is shown on a sign before the exit ramp. Look for the words “495 EXPRESS LANES” and the current rate. 

66 Pricing Sign








Their rates are also online at Select eastbound as the direction, find the starting point called “EB Braided Ramp” and for the ending point, use I-495 Express Lanes.  

Getting to the best route for you 

The toll price signs for the 495 Express Lanes are visible after taking the new ramp to get on the 66 express lanes. Change your mind about taking our Lanes? Not to worry— you can still get to the regular, free I-495 northbound and southbound lanes, or continue to I-66 inside the Beltway, after taking the new ramp.