Plan Ahead: New Vertical Clearance for American Legion Road Overpass in Stafford, VA Beginning September 26

September 22, 2022

Starting September 26, weather permitting, the American Legion Road Overpass will have a new, reduced vertical clearance of 15 feet 2 inches. The vertical clearance reduction is due to an upcoming traffic shift that is set to occur in the coming months. This change will only impact over-height vehicles traveling on I-95 South. 

Message boards will be posted next week to warn oversize vehicles of the new clearance and to access exit 140 (Courthouse Road) and travel on Route 1 to avoid a bridge strike. 

Crews are widening the general-purpose travel lanes near the American Legion Road overpass work zone to shift all southbound traffic to a new alignment. Once southbound traffic is shifted to the right of the existing lanes, the temporary height restriction will no longer be needed. The restriction is expected to be removed in early December.

About the 95 Express Lanes Fredericksburg Extension Project

To make traveling through the I-95 corridor in Stafford County easier and faster, the Fredericksburg Extension (Fred Ex) will pick up where the 95 Express Lanes currently end and will extend 10 miles south near Fredericksburg, VA. The lengthened lanes will connect with the 395 Express Lanes to create a connected corridor spanning nearly 50 miles from the Fredericksburg area to the D.C. line.

This project will also offer new access points to the existing 95 Express Lanes, create new ramps that provide direct access to Quantico and Courthouse Road, and add seven new bridges. When the Fred Ex project is completed, it will connect with the 395 Express Lanes, offering drivers an uninterrupted Express Lanes corridor between the Potomac River and near the Rappahannock River.
More information on the Fred Ex project and 95 Express Lanes is available at