Justice and equality for all

April 21, 2021

Driving out racism is something that can only be achieved if everyone plays their part.

At Transurban, the operator of the 495, 95, and 395 Express Lanes, we believe that transportation has the power to bring communities together, to connect people, and to provide opportunities. 

We are taking this moment to reinforce to all of our employees, partners, and customers that we denounce all forms of racism. We celebrate the diversity of our team and community, and continue to challenge ourselves to do more to propel a culture of inclusion and respect at our company, in our communities and within the transportation industry.

Success can only be achieved when people of color face no barriers and have equal opportunity to thrive and prosper.

The passion and bravery of people speaking out for justice, and striving to repair the fabric of this nation by shaping a culture of equality, deserve to be matched in ambition at every company and across every sector. 
We will work every day to make that true. We are with you on the road ahead to drive out racism.

- Pierce Coffee, President, Transurban North America