Payments are back

You can now take care of any invoices here on our Pay page.

We restored payments ahead of our May 30th schedule. Not to worry though, you still have until June 20th to take care of any invoices that were due between May 16th to May 30th, or any missed trips that you took during that period.

If you missed a toll over the last couple of weeks, we still ask you to give us a call on May 30th so we can help you.

Missed tolls

Why do I have to wait until May 30th for help with a missed toll? What should I do so I don’t get an invoice?

Following an update we made, it will take a few days for any recent missed tolls to show in our system. By May 30th, we’ll have all customers’ recent travel details set up in our system. Call us then and we’ll make sure you don’t pay any extra fees for missed tolls.


I had invoices due before I could pay online or by phone, how does this impact me?

You'll have more time to pay because your due date is extended. All customers with unpaid invoices due between May 16th and May 30th will have until June 20th to pay.

Can I dispute trips on my invoice or nominate another driver?

Anything else

Can I talk to someone to verify this?

Of course, call us at 855-495-9777.

Can I sign up for alerts about future missed tolls?