Supporting customers and communities 

We know that during the COVID-19 crisis many of our neighbors and customers are dealing with hardship, balancing work and family at home, or risking their personal safety to go into work for the benefit of others. To support our Northern Virginia community, we came together to give back to the communities where we operate. 

Helping those in need

Giving back with Northern Virginia Family Service 

At the beginning of summer, we participated in Northern Virginia Family Service’s #GivingTuesdayNow fundraiser to raise over $50,000 to support local communities during and after the COVID-19 crisis. 

NVFS is a leader in our Northern Virginia community, providing essential services such as food security, rental assistance and shelter, childcare, medical co-pays, job training and more. We are proud to have joined NVFS to guarantee that these services continue to benefit our community. 


Donating to hunger relief efforts 

We recognize that the economic and health impacts of the crisis are challenges for many of those in our communities. To help out, we donated to 4 local food banks including The Arlington Food Assistance Center, Capital Area Food Bank, Food for Others, and Dulles South Food Pantry. Our donation will provide healthy meals to members of our community struggling with hunger and food insecurity.

food donation

Helping our neighbors with their career 

Switching to remote learning can be hard for those who don’t already have the technology in place in their homes. We donated 20 laptops to Computer CORE, a non-profit organization that helps underserved adults in Fairfax County acquire the technological and life skills needed to pursue their career goals. The laptops ensure students can learn remotely and safely from their homes during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Computer CORE



Supporting frontline workers

Meals for heroes  

Medical staff are working all hours to keep northern Virginians healthy while risking their own safety. We helped to take one thing off their to-do list by providing lunches. We sent meals to workers in 9 Inova Clinics in Alexandria, Annandale, Manassas, and Sterling who help women, children, and families in need.

INOVA food delivery

Expressing our thanks

During this time, we wanted to show some gratitude to our frontline workers and their selfless service. In early summer, you might have noticed some signs out on the 495, 95 and 395 Express Lanes thanking first responders, police, fire, doctors, nurses and frontliners for all the work they do. 




Keeping customers top of mind

Driving at a safe speed  

With fewer drivers out and about, we get that it’s easy to go a little heavy on the gas pedal. Sometimes a quick reminder is just the thing that can help keep us all safe. With that in mind, we tested out speed limit reminder signs that flash if a car is going above the speed limit on the 495 and 95 Express Lanes. This is just one of the many ways we work to keep our customers safe on the Lanes.

speeding sign

Offering a summer pick-me-up

We worked with veteran-owned gelato shop Amore Congelato in Pentagon Row to help make our customers’ summer just a little better. Visitors to Amore who mentioned their love of the Lanes got a 50% discount on their purcahse. Amore Congelato is owned by Thereasa Black, an African-American Naval Officer who, in 2018, started a 13-month deployment a week before her daughter’s second birthday. Thereasa started the company in 2019 as a promise to her daughter that she'd never deploy away from her again.

Amore Congelato